Gemstone Guide: May Birthstone Emerald

Gemstone Guide: May Birthstone Emerald

The skies are clear and bright, the green is everywhere. Summer is officially here and what better a birthstone for a summer month that Emerald. Bright and sparkling green, Emerald is the perfect birthstone for all March babies, and in this gemstone guide we’re telling you all about it! So, read on!

Emerald History

Gemstone Guide: May Birthstone: Emerald - The Sparkle Story
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Emeralds have been around for a long time and loved for nearly as long; the word ‘Emerald’ has been derived from old French and  literally means green gem. Emerald mines were found in ancient Egypt, as early as 300BC and then some in India and Austria. They were used in jewellery in ancient times by the Romans and later the Mughals, who believed that these gemstones would provide them with the protection of god. Europeans found about emeralds in the 1500s when the Spanish invaded South America.

Emerald Meaning

Gemstone Guide: May Birthstone: Emerald - The Sparkle Story
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Like every birthstone, Emerald holds many meanings and truths that have spawned over years of belief from different cultures. Indian mythology says that the name emerald was first translated from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the green of growing things’. In other mythology emerald is believed to be the stone of Goddess Venus, hence its association with romance. Besides that, the legend around emerald is that the wearer can be cured of any disease and be protected against any evil.

Emerald Care

Gemstone Guide: May Birthstone: Emerald - The Sparkle Story
Hydro Emerald Bracelet by The Sparkle Story

When cleaning emerald jewellery, only use mild soap and some warm water. Any technique involving steam, chemicals or high heat will damage it causing the stone to fracture. In general, emeralds are treated with cedar oil to reduce the appearance of any inclusions in the gemstone, and if this is done right, then the way light hits the gemstone won’t be affected and its shine will remain the same!

So what emerald jewellery are you buying May babies!?

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