Sterling Silver Jewellery and All You Need To Know About It

Sterling Silver Jewellery and All You Need To Know About It

It may not be gold, but sterling silver jewellery shines just as bright and is loved as much too. From traditional jhumkas to modern wedding bands, sterling silver has been there and done that; so today we decided to educate you a little about sterling silver jewellery, for any that you might have and any that you may buy!


Pure Silver by itself is very soft and is damaged very easily, so it is combined with other metals to give the silver more durability. The most popular silver alloy is sterling silver, which has 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The copper and silver has been found to be the best and most durable, and the addition of copper doesn’t affect the value of silver at all.

All About Sterling silver Jewellery- The Sparkle Story
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Adding copper to the mix makes it easy to give life to beautiful designs and make them durable too!


Sterling silver jewellery just requires some care to last a lifetime, so here are some things you can keep in mind;

All About Sterling silver Jewellery- The Sparkle Story
Sterling silver Rings by The Sparkle Story

Always remove your jewelry before putting on makeup, lotions, and perfumes or using hair products. Only put it on after your products have had time to absorb into your skin, and if you have put on hand cream/lotion, only touch your jewellery when you are satisfied that it is no longer on the surface of your hands and fingers, otherwise it will leave fingerprint marks which are extremely hard to remove.

Don’t wear your sterling silver jewellery around household items like detergents, bleaches etc. or areas like swimming pools.


Keep your sterling silver tarnish free by just wearing it often, it is that simple.When cleaning it, all you need warm water and a mild soap. Rinse your jewellery in a mixture of the two and dry thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth. This helps in removing dirt, makeup and sweat build up if any at all. Before storing it, make sure your jewellery is completely dry.

All About Sterling silver Jewellery- The Sparkle Story
Sterling silver Ring by The Sparkle Story

If your jewellery comes in contact with food items like eggs, onions, olives, vinegar, salad dressings, salt and fruit juices, the chemicals in them will damage it.
Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat and moisture. To reduce scratching and tarnishing store your pieces individually in small zip-lock plastic bags. You may also want to put a small strip of anti-tarnish paper in each bag with the jewelry. Do not store your jewelry in paper, cardboard, or cotton filled boxes as these may contain traces of sulfur which will cause tarnishing.

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