Royal Wedding - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | May 21, 2018
Here’s What Everyone Wore to The Royal Wedding

Something important happened this weekend; a regular girl married a literal prince and is now a princess (well, sort of). We’re talking about the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry married Meghan...

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Posted by | May 10, 2018
reasons why girls love their mothers’ jewellery

Mothers and daughters have a special relationship; whatever the daughter is feeling, her mother has in all probability felt the same way at some point in her life and can...

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Sonam Kapoor's wedding & the best outfits - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | May 9, 2018
The Best Looks From Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja’s Reception Party

So we don’t need to tell you that  Sonam Kapoor’s wedding went down yesterday; videos of guests having fun went viral, so much so that there were even Whatsapp forwards...

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Posted by | January 24, 2018
All of Alia Bhatt’s Looks from Her BFF’s Wedding You can Take Inspiration From!

Alia Bhatt has been a style inspiration since she first hit our screens and has only gotten better ever since. From her red carpet looks to her casual ones, her...

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Posted by | January 11, 2018
25, Unmarried, Indian and on Social Media

25 (or nearing 25). Unmarried. Indian. This is quite possibly the shortest horror story ever told. Every year the wedding season comes and goes; you probably attend some weddings and...

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