Posted by | April 26, 2018
Top 5 Uses of the Humble Glycerine You Didn’t Know About

To start off this super informative topic, let's break down what glycerine actually is. It is a liquid, organic compound made of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It’s thick, odorless, and...

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Posted by | March 30, 2018
5 Summer Care Tips For Your Lips You Need To Know!

With the sun blistering on full blast, winter is far behind us; but this doesn’t mean your lip care should fall behind as well. Just because your lips are not...

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10 Tips & Tricks on How to Travel With Jewellery - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | February 21, 2018
10 Tips & Tricks On How To Travel With Jewellery

Raise your hands for every time you have packed your jewellery to take with you on a trip, and ended up with a big, tangled mess! God forbid if you...

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Posted by | February 19, 2018
How to Transition Your Skincare From Winter to Spring!

Spring is here ladies and it’s time for a change. Skincare is a constant, ongoing process that never ends. Not only does it change with age, it changes with seasons...

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Posted by | February 14, 2018
Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Watch With Bae

Everyone loves romantic movies and has their favorites that they keep coming back to, even the ones who claim they don’t watch them; and there is no day better suited...

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Posted by | February 9, 2018
A Classic Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide For 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is scrambling for the perfect way to celebrate this day of love with their significant others. Everyone, especially the men wrack...

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Posted by | January 30, 2018
Once In a Blue Moon is Here!

Once in a blue moon….heard of that phrase? Well, it is happening for real tomorrow on January 31st! Dubbed as the Super Blue Blood Moon, it is a celestial treat...

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7 Easy DIY Spray Paint Decor Ideas - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | January 16, 2018
7 Easy DIY Spray Paint Décor Ideas

Living in the same house for a long time makes even coming home to it mundane. Your décor looks the same, your furnishing looks the same and anything you want...

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Posted by | January 8, 2018
9 Relaxation Techniques That Actually Work

One week into 2018, and you still haven’t worked on that ‘stress reducing’ resolution? Well you’ve come to the right place! Day after day, month after month we put our...

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