Posted by | May 22, 2018
Gemstone Guide: Citrine

The love people have for citrine is not new; the bright gemstone has been a favourite since as early as 300 BC. Its name is derived from the French word...

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Royal Wedding - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | May 21, 2018
Here’s What Everyone Wore to The Royal Wedding

Something important happened this weekend; a regular girl married a literal prince and is now a princess (well, sort of). We’re talking about the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry married Meghan...

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Posted by | May 6, 2018
5 Most Popular Crystals & Their Healing Properties

It’s not just another trend gripping the hipsters; crystals and their healing powers have been around for a long time. They have been believed to possess energy and vibrations that...

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Posted by | May 1, 2018
6 ways to wear a Y-necklace

There are some pieces of jewellery every girl must have in her collection and a Y necklace just happens to be one of them. Long and delicate, a Y necklace...

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Posted by | April 26, 2018
Rose Gold Jewellery: A Guide To Styling It

It’s safe to say that no one loves jewellery more than or like us desis do, especially the gold kind. We have been so in love with the traditional gold...

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Posted by | April 13, 2018
8 Dresses Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe

While we women may have a closet full of clothes, no collection is complete without some versatile go-to dresses that will save you from those nothing-to-wear days. They're comfortable, easier...

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Posted by | April 13, 2018
Top 7 Hottest Jewellery Trends of 2018

We’re always on the hunt for the next bigger, better deal when it comes to fashion and what better expression of your personal style than with your jewellery. Women love...

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Posted by | March 22, 2018
The Global Jewellery Trend: Druzy Jewellery

We have been harping on about our druzy products, how they are handmade and never before seen; but what is druzy? Why is druzy used to make jewellery? Is buying...

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8 types of shoes every woman must own - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | March 18, 2018
8 Types of Shoes Every girl Must Own

As much as we all would love to have a giant closet full of shoes, we can’t possibly do that because, one we don’t have that kind of closet space...

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Posted by | March 14, 2018
9 Tips to Keep your Skin Oil Free This Summer

Summer is officially here ladies, and most of you are more than happy to say good bye to layers and layers of clothing; most of you…not all of you, cause...

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