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How To Wear Statement Jewellery- The Sparkle Story
How to Wear Statement Jewellery the Right Way

All of us already know that, the right accessories can transform an outfit. You can go from drab to fab with the addition of just one piece. Statement jewellery does just that for you. The big, colourful pieces might seem intimidating at first, putting the right one before you leave the house, can really make...

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Budget New Year Party Tips- The Sparkle Story
Plan a New Year’s House Party on a Budget With these Tips

New Year is around the corner and you’re making party plans, but so is everyone else. Getting decked up and running into drunk party goers and navigating sweaty crowds doesn’t sound like the best way to welcome the  new year does it? So this year instead of blowing money on something you most probably won’t...

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Ethnic Winter Fashion- The Sparkle Story
Tips for Ethnic Winter Fashion You Must Know

Brrrr……sweater weather is finally here! It’s the season of warm drinks, the warm winter sun and the chill in the air that we all wait for so eagerly. Of course with this change in season, comes a change in our wardrobes; but we don’t to give up our beautiful anarkalis, kurtis and long skirts either....

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Bridal Jewellery on Rent- The Sparkle Story
Reasons Why Bridal Jewellery on Rent is a Good Idea

So, you’re getting married…you've decided what you will wear, who will do your makeup, the shoes, the photographer, everything is in order; but what makes any bride sweat is all the jewellery that will be bought and the hefty price tag that comes with it. As Indians we love our jewellery, more so the bridal...

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The Dos and Donts of Office Jewellery Every Woman Must Know

Every girl knows that the right accessories can completely change your look and elevate your outfit; but like everything in fashion, accessorising follows some rules, especially in office spaces. Although, we have  come a  long way from the understated dressing at our work places, corporates have different rules for glamming up. So, gear up as...

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5 Uses For Lipstick That You Didn’t Know About

Lipstick is the one item in every woman’s handbag that she absolutely cannot do without. A classic red, a beautiful brown or a subtle nude everyone has their favorites; but this rich, colour on a stick has many more uses than just to give you a pretty pout. Yes, we’ve all done and read the...

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Essential Oils for Brides- The Sparkle Story
An Essential Oil Survival Kit for Brides to Beat Delhi Winters

Winter is in full swing and so is the wedding season in Delhi; but winters in Delhi come with their own set of problems, especially for the bridal party. That nip in the air causes dry skin, ashy elbows,limp hair….the pressure to look your best on D-day is on! Fortunately, essential oils have a solution...

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Artificial Jewellery Care- The Sparkle Story
How to Take Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery has made a permanent space in our closets and for good reason. All the fun of expensive jewellery with none of the price; but just because it is relatively inexpensive does not mean that its care should take a backseat. Gold plated jewellery deserves just as much love and care as real gold...

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5 Reasons Why You Should be Wearing Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery has been purchased in India with two sole purposes, weddings and investment, to flaunt for weddings and to see where your money is for investment; but how many women can say that they have worn these wedding and/or investment pieces as many times as they thought they would or even enough times to justify...

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