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Stages You Go Through Waiting for Your Order

Online shopping is the best thing sliced bread and we all know it; all those hours spent scrolling and finding that perfect outfit, gadget, makeup, books or whatever it is that you ordered, seem worth it when you finally hit that checkout button and wait for the package to arrive. The struggle from the moment...

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8 Reasons Why Sesame Seeds Should be a Part of Your Diet

We all love the til ka laddoo, til ki gajak which have been a staple in our households for a long time. The small, nutty seeds are part of every pantry in Asia; coming in two varieties (black and white), they are used as is, as well as used for their fragrant and flavorful oil....

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Huda Beauty's India Launch on Nykaa - The sparkle Story
Huda Beauty is coming to India & We Can’t Keep Calm!

Do you spend your days going through makeup tutorials on Youtube? Do you follow every move your favorite beauty vlogger makes religiously? Well, then do we have news for you! The beauty destination for all Indians, Nykaa has been teasing the audiences with a product launch everyone had been waiting for desperately; and now they...

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10 Minimal Travel Tattoos that are Not Wanderlust

If you have been deliberating on whether or not to get a tattoo, then welcome to the club! Getting a tattoo is a major commitment; it is permanent, indelible ink on your skin that can’t be meaningless or random, so why not make it something meaningful. If you love travelling and have been meaning to...

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7 Easy DIY Spray Paint Decor Ideas - The Sparkle Story
7 Easy DIY Spray Paint Décor Ideas

Living in the same house for a long time makes even coming home to it mundane. Your décor looks the same, your furnishing looks the same and anything you want to do to make a change is either too time consuming or too costly; and ain’t nobody got time for that! Well, we are here...

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Life of A Bigg Boss Addict

Your watch will read 10:30 PM today, like it does every day; but for a big boss addict, today won’t be as entertaining as the last three months have been. The winner of Big Boss Season 11, Shilpe Shinde was announced last night; and although it was fun, for anyone in love with the show...

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Things You Could With ₹ 3,00,00,000 Instead of Buying a Lamborghini Urus!

Lamborghini just launched its SUV Urus in India, and man is it a beast. It has come on the heels of its global launch and is only the second SUV by Lamborghini ever. A feature packed beast, the most hair raising detail about this car is its price. Priced at a whopping Rs. 3 Crore,...

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8 Budget Valentine's Day Date Ideas - The Sparkle Story
8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That won’t Leave You Bankrupt

Valen Hardened critic or a hopeless romantic Valentine’s Day brings out the inner tender side in everyone and melts even the coldest hearts. Every Valentine’s is a fight to do something creative, something different; there is only one road block you hit….budget. Expensive dinners and getaways have been made the yardstick for a romantic day...

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25, Unmarried, Indian and on Social Media

25 (or nearing 25). Unmarried. Indian. This is quite possibly the shortest horror story ever told. Every year the wedding season comes and goes; you probably attend some weddings and move on with your life. But as you start nearing the magical number of ‘25’ everyone around you starts dropping subtle, or not so subtle...

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Types of Messages in a Family Whatsapp Group

Family Whatsapp Group (makes horrified face and drops phone!). We’re all part of one, and we all wish we weren’t. Whatsapp was a revolution of the era of digitization that helped us connect with each other better and faster; and for the happy introverts, it made face-to-face communication nearly redundant. Until, our parents and extended...

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