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Incorporate Ethnic Fashion in Your Daily Wear

Ethn Very few things in the world are as classic and evergreen as ethnic Indian wear. Ethnic clothes are universally flattering and good for more than just festivals and weddings. Their very nature makes them perfect for every occasion from party wear to casual wear. Incorporating ethnic fashion into your daily wear, although seems like...

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Make Adulting Easier with a Capsule Wardrobe for Winter

It is peak winter and peak sale season, chances are you are shopping for your winter wardrobe for this year and the next year; but you know you will end up purchasing new items next time around as well. The ‘full closet, but nothing to wear’ dilemma is one that has no solution. You keep...

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9 Relaxation Techniques That Actually Work

One week into 2018, and you still haven’t worked on that ‘stress reducing’ resolution? Well you’ve come to the right place! Day after day, month after month we put our mind and body through the ringer with all the stress that life comes with. You don’t have to stress about booking a vacation….for stress relief....

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Morning Tea - The Sparkle Story
5 Simple ways to Boost Your Morning Tea!

We Indians love our tea, so much so that we have it at least twice a day. Missing it even once (especially the morning) makes us feel like zombies who can’t function. Our morning tea ritual is one we don’t want to miss even when we’re on vacation! The taste, the smell….it’s a sensory experience....

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5 DIY Face Maks for Better Skin

Weekends are meant for unwinding, letting go of the frustration of your work week and just relax. Some weekends you don’t want to do anything at all…no lunches, no parties, no shopping just some ‘me time’. Why not give your over worked skin some respite and relax with some face masks? So grab some snacks,...

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10 Time Saving Beauty Hacks - The Sparkle Story
10 Ultimate Time Saving Beauty Hacks for Lazy Girls Who Love Makeup

Looking flawless when you are always in a hurry is a major feat, especially when you are just inherently lazy. Whether it’s rushing to get to work in the morning or getting ready for a night out and telling someone waiting on you ‘just five more minutes’ (it’s never five minutes….), there’s always some place...

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Top Causes &n Remnedies of Adult Acne - The Sparkle Story
Causes of Adult Acne & Remedies to Get Rid of It

Teenage is supposed to be the end of our skin woes, more specifically our acne problems. You thought you were done with the angry red pimples and the scars that followed; but apparently being an adult is not a guarantee for an acne free face. No, you’re not the only one; adult acne is more...

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5 Ways to Detox After New Year

So we have officially entered the New Year and ringing it in was fun. You’re probably back to work and life as usual, but all the binging over the weekend, the junk food, the drinks and the partying is bound to get to you. What your body is desperately in need of is a detox;...

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5 Easy DIY Scrubs to Save Your Skin in Winters

As much as we love the respite winter brings, our skin pays a price. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or even normal skin, the icy winter leaves no one.  Cleansing, toning moisturising….all this rigorous care and yet our skin becomes visibly dull and lifeless. Exfoliation is one very important step we have been...

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Beauty Gurus Every Desi Girl Should Follow - The Sparkle Story
Top Beauty Gurus Every Desi Girl Should Be Following

Gone are the days when we looked to magazines to find inspiration for the latest trends. The internet has been doing a pretty good job of keeping us updated; but more than that it has introduced us to people who are not in the mainstream but have tons of ideas an inspiration to impart. We’re...

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