Posted by | May 4, 2018
7 DIY Energy Drinks you Can Prepare At Home

The whole idea of "energy drinks" is kinda phony. Most of them are just oodles of sugar or caffeine, coupled with some healthy-sounding fancy ingredients and some slick marketing, at...

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Posted by | May 2, 2018
5 DIY Clay Masks You Absolutely Need This Summer

Clay masks and Indians have a long and old relationship, what with all the multani mitti (fuller’s earth) we have been using since the beginning of time; but with all...

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Posted by | April 26, 2018
Top 5 Uses of the Humble Glycerine You Didn’t Know About

To start off this super informative topic, let's break down what glycerine actually is. It is a liquid, organic compound made of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It’s thick, odorless, and...

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Posted by | April 11, 2018
7 unique uses of Vaseline you didn’t know about

Vaseline has been around for longer than a lot of us have, and the one tub in our homes always gets replenished as soon as it finishes; no one can...

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Posted by | April 4, 2018
Keep Cool For The Summer With These 5 Cucumber Hacks

Summer comes with its own list of woes, and Indian summers more so. No sooner are we over taking care of dry skin and chapped lips, courtesy of winters, we...

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Posted by | March 25, 2018
7 Life Altering Hacks to Managing Your Curly Hair

As banal as it sounds, at least once in their lifetime, every woman with curly hair has heard "Your hair is so pretty, I wish I had curly hair!" But...

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Posted by | March 21, 2018
4 Step Guide To Makeup For The Girl On The Go

You promise yourself every day that you will wake up on time, not snooze your alarm and for once go out of your house not looking like hobo, because you...

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style ethnic jewellery with western outfits - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | March 16, 2018
5 Ways You Can Style Your Ethnic Jewellery With Your Western Outfits!

Every girl lover herself some desi jewellery, but relegates it to special days when she wears her Indian outfits or during wedding season. We’re here to debunk this myth; ethnic...

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Posted by | March 12, 2018
Gemstone Guide: March Birthstone Aquamarine

It’s time for March babies (and those who buy for them) to get ready to shop because we have some gifting ideas they’ll love! In this week’s gemstone guide, we...

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Posted by | March 6, 2018
7 Jewellery Hacks Every Woman Must Know

Let’s be honest ladies, we love our bling; no woman will ever say she has too much jewellery, but as we keep buying it storing it keeping it intact keeps...

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