Posted by | April 26, 2018
Top 5 Uses of the Humble Glycerine You Didn’t Know About

To start off this super informative topic, let's break down what glycerine actually is. It is a liquid, organic compound made of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It’s thick, odorless, and...

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Types of Sarees Every Woman Shouls Have - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | April 20, 2018
6 Sarees Every Woman Over 25 Must Have

No matter how contemporary your approach to fashion is, there's not much out there that can even stand at par with what sarees have to offer. A saree’s versatility, timelessness,...

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Posted by | March 25, 2018
7 Life Altering Hacks to Managing Your Curly Hair

As banal as it sounds, at least once in their lifetime, every woman with curly hair has heard "Your hair is so pretty, I wish I had curly hair!" But...

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Before Holi Skin Care & Hair Care - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | February 28, 2018
Easy Holi Hair Care and Skin Care Tips

Holi is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more relieved; all that dousing with water is a welcome reprieve from the heat which is only going to get...

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Posted by | February 23, 2018
How To Rock A Perfect Red Pout For Your Undertone!

“Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lip”, Bobbi Brown’s words will forever be true. Owning the perfect shade of red lipstick is the top commandment of makeup,...

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Posted by | February 2, 2018
5 DIY Hair Masks You Need to Try Today

All of us have different air types that react differently to the weather, pollution et all outside throughout the year. Multiple hair conditioners, shampoos, serums, treatments and sometimes even medication...

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A guide to hair care with essential oils - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | January 25, 2018
A Guide to Hair Care with Essential Oils

Ladies, let’s be honest…with skin care taking up most of your time, hair care takes a backseat. Your skin is not the only one with woes; with your everyday lives...

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Huda Beauty's India Launch on Nykaa - The sparkle Story
Posted by | January 17, 2018
Huda Beauty is coming to India & We Can’t Keep Calm!

Do you spend your days going through makeup tutorials on Youtube? Do you follow every move your favorite beauty vlogger makes religiously? Well, then do we have news for you!...

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Beauty Gurus Every Desi Girl Should Follow - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | December 29, 2017
Top Beauty Gurus Every Desi Girl Should Be Following

Gone are the days when we looked to magazines to find inspiration for the latest trends. The internet has been doing a pretty good job of keeping us updated; but...

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Essential Oils for Brides- The Sparkle Story
Posted by | December 14, 2017
An Essential Oil Survival Kit for Brides to Beat Delhi Winters

Winter is in full swing and so is the wedding season in Delhi; but winters in Delhi come with their own set of problems, especially for the bridal party. That...

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