Posted by | May 10, 2018
reasons why girls love their mothers’ jewellery

Mothers and daughters have a special relationship; whatever the daughter is feeling, her mother has in all probability felt the same way at some point in her life and can...

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Posted by | May 7, 2018
the 2018 mother’s day gifting guide for desi moms

Mothers make the world go round, and although they are the heroes we should be celebrating every day, we don’t get around to doing that much. There is however one...

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Posted by | March 30, 2018
April Fool’s Pranks That Take Us Back To Our Childhood

With the day of the loons being just down the pike, we can't help but go down the memory lane and relive those golden days, but, only in our heads,...

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Posted by | February 14, 2018
Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Watch With Bae

Everyone loves romantic movies and has their favorites that they keep coming back to, even the ones who claim they don’t watch them; and there is no day better suited...

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Posted by | February 9, 2018
A Classic Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide For 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is scrambling for the perfect way to celebrate this day of love with their significant others. Everyone, especially the men wrack...

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8 Budget Valentine's Day Date Ideas - The Sparkle Story
Posted by | January 14, 2018
8 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That won’t Leave You Bankrupt

Valen Hardened critic or a hopeless romantic Valentine’s Day brings out the inner tender side in everyone and melts even the coldest hearts. Every Valentine’s is a fight to do...

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